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After many years dealing with Mercedes-Benz cars in general, what started as a hobby led to an obsession with arguably the most beautiful coupe ever designed.

During the beginning of my career whilst working at a Mercedes Benz Dealership the first of the mighty SEC Coupe's rolled off the production line.

I remeber the first day a brand new Sec with delivery mileage turned up at our dealership, i was asked to do the pre delivery inspection on it...i fell in love, it was the most beautiful car i had ever seen! To me, it still is. It was then that I decided that one day I would be the proud owner of a 500 SEC, and i am.

Remember these cars at the time cost as much as a small house but were arguably the last of the great Mercedes, to produce a car of this quality now would cost a small fortune. I never realised that one day they would be the main stay of my living.....To this end the Sec Shop was born.

Despite the kind comments from people that "i know everything" about these beautiful cars, I DONT ! I am still learning and discover more day by day. Although i have vast experience with the W126, i am never to old to learn.

I have worked in the trade for 37 years and with Mercedes-Benz motor cars for over 30, in that time I have achieved the following qualifications:

A four year apprenticeship attaining seven City & Guild Qualifications.

AMIMI ........(Associated Member of the Institute of the Motor Industry)

RTITB ........(Road Transport Industy Training Board)

HNC ............(Higher National Craftsmans)

CAE ............(Certified Automobile Engineer)

SLTA ...........(South London Training Association)

FMI .............(Fellow of the Motor Industry)

Numerous Mercedes Benz Factory Training Courses

Engineering Council UK Engineering Technician

We are a member of the Federation of Small Busineses

I hope this site will provide a medium for people to exchange views, information and post information & pictures etc of their cars and experiences.

Contributions to this site are encouraged and most welcome !




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